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  • Christmas Parties

    An original hilarious way to end the year

    This year do something original for your Christmas Party.

  • Hen Nights

    Want to really impress your girlfriends?

    Why not spice up a bridal shower or bachelorette party?

  • Birthday Parties

    Celebrate with a twist

    The most memorable birthday party you could possibly have!

  • Dinner Parties

    Try something different

    Get to know your guests in a dazzling new way....

  • Weekends Away

    Cookery classes are a great way to relax..

    Get together for a weekend you’ll never forget!

  • Teenage Parties

    Devilishly fun and a chance to dress up!

    Invite all your friends for an afternoon of mystery.

  • Corporate Events

    Team Building and Conference starters

    The perfect ice-breaker to achieve positive results

  • A unique send-off and a great way to get everyone together

  • High Tea

    In a traditional English setting

    With a dash of intrigue and a spoonful of suspense

What is a Murder Mystery Night?

You are an honoured guest at the Host-a-Murder party, but when seated for dinner, you discover that your host has been mysteriously murdered before your arrival. Everyone seated at the table is a suspect, the murderer is certainly among your party, but they will not find out they are the murderer until the game has almost concluded. No one knows who the culprit is, not even the murderer! It remains a mystery… unless you happen to have amazing detective skills and superb problem solving abilities.

At the end of the game, each guest has a chance to make an accusation as to who they think the murderer is. Finally, each person gets to disclose the role they played in the plot and you find out who did the wicked deed.